Meet Chris


Chris Dicks – Personal Trainer and Owner

I am, understandably, passionate about fitness and wish to inspire all that I meet to get the best body and attain the highest level of health and fitness that they can.

To this end I qualified as a Level 3 REPs Personal Trainer and established Resolution Health & Fitness to allow me to live my dream and help others live theirs and live longer more healthy lives.

I haven’t always worked in the fitness industry, indeed my background reflects that of many of the clients I have worked with, so I understand the challenges and barriers they face and being a mature Personal Trainer I truly understand how your body reacts and feels later in life.

I worked sedentary jobs usually behind a desk, working long hours with little time to consider my health and fitness. I quickly piled on weight and hit 16st at my heaviest.

I told myself I had no time for working out (which is a lie many of us convince ourselves of!) and those rare visits to a gym led quickly to the realisation that I did not have the knowledge, motivation and specifically a clear understanding of what I wanted to achieve. I also didn’t like the gym environment and the process of ‘going to the gym’.

So I educated myself and began working out from home using bodyweight only to begin with and the results were instant and identifiable. So I progressed to resistance training and specific functional training and the results kept on coming until I was down to 13st and wearing clothes which actually fitted and were not just to cover up the areas I was unhappy with.

Achieving this allowed me to recognise the benefits of both in home and outdoor training where I had everything necessary for a complete fitness program but without the fancy machines and TV screens of a gym.

This led me to set up Resolution Health & Fitness and today I invite you to break through your barriers and Resolve To Be Better.